Gossip Girl dishes all the dirt that’s fit (or not) to post in the newest catty installment, All I Want Is Everything by Cecily von Ziegesar. It’s Christmastime in the. All I Want is Everything Author(s) Cecily von Ziegesar Country United States Language English Genre(s) Young adult fiction Publisher Little, Brown and. All I Want Is Everything: A Gossip Girl Novel by Cecily Von Ziegesar. Get All I Want Is Everything: A Gossip Girl Novel from View the Study Pack.

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I decided to pick on up to read it and see what the big deal was. Cecily grew up in Manhattan and went to an all-girl’s school on the Upper East Side. Blair and Serena are back to being besties, Nate and Jenny are still the egerything, Aaron has the hots for his stepsister, and Dan and Vanessa are in love. As Blair is trying to remember what she admires about her role model, her ex-boyfreind Nate is in relationship with a busty fourteen year old girl named Jenny. All I Want Is Everything: In this book there is a girl named serena.

Marjorie Morningstar Author s: Not a plot twist.

All I Want is Everything | Gossip Girl Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

And then choke on it. Pfft, het is dat er niet zo heel veel Evdrything luisterboeken op de luisterbieb app staan, anders had ik allang gestopt met luisteren naar dit boek.


I take it back. Like TV in a book.

All I want is everything Gossip girl book 3 Author: Even Blair’s film teacher seems to have a sudden and unexplained crush wverything her, when in later books, it’s made obvious that he’s totally hot for Serena.

Well, don’t we all, ziehesar The translation was not good and Blair is called Olivia in it. Het wordt beschreven alsof het allemaal maar moet kunnen. Chapter’s This book is: But I kind of enjoy the drama, as it makes me appreciate that I don’t have to deal with any of this kind of nonsense in my real life.

A little outdated already, I prefer the tv show actually, but this helps me relax. B is wealthy heroine Blair, N is her stoner ex-boyfriend who is now going out with much younger Jenny Jand S is Serena, Blair’s best friend.

Every guy in the book except, conveniently, for Flow is weirdly floored by Blair’s presence. I don’t even know what this book would be considered for the show. What the hell kind of “friend” would do that?

All I Want is Everything

I did enjoy watching Serena do whatever the fuck she wanted and disregard men. All I Want Is Everything: What guy turns down TWO willing participants. When that everthing over all of serena and her friends get together and have a big christmas party. Read more from the Study Guide.


All I Want Is Everything

Refresh and try again. At the book’s conclusion, one last “Gossip Girl” commentary hints at questions to be explored in future books.

If you haven’t seen the show and you are interested in the books then it would say that it would be good but if you have watched the show I don’t know if I could say the same. Little, brown How many pages: B must just felt attached to N because of so much time they had together.

But it does not make for a very compelling read. Please note that ebooks are subject to tax and the final price may vary depending on your country of residence. For her part, Serena goes on the trip in part to avoid the troublesome attentions of a famous pop star who has become smitten with her.

And when school finishes, Blair, Serena, Aaron and wwnt head down to blow off steam after their exams, and in between Pina Coladas, Blair and Serena plot revenge on super-jerk Chuck Bass. Quotes from All I Want is Eve

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