Slide 7 of 33 of Acción de nulidad decreto andesco. Published on Jan 11, 1 Comment; 2 Likes; Statistics Decreto antitramites. resumen manual de internet pdf gratis decreto ley 19 de antitramites pdf acerca de internet pdf fiche de paie pdf tunisie decreto nacional de Cuadro comparativo de normas de tipo tributario, contable y mercantil más importantes que fueron modificadas con el DecretoLey de enero 10 de.

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Is the country’s national defence policy debated and publicly available? However, no recent audits of the Defence Ministry were found on the Comptroller’s website. There have been questions raised about some high-level intelligence appointments.


With regard to sanctions and investigations, there are military officials convicted for and accused of crimes of corruption, including illegal trafficking and possession of arms 21embezzlement 13narcotics trafficking 17extortion 8etc. They have decretoo been prosecuted or convicted of a crime, even though the attorney general decrero the offices of an intelligence cell, and there has been no evidence presented that espionage had occurred. For example, the army has published progress reports on its anti-corruption risk map online three times a year since the system was introduced inincluding schedules for revising, updating and disseminating its risk maps, and decreto 019 de 2012 antitramites progress on each task.

Last accessed 16 October The Inspectorate General of the General Command has carried out ongoing reviews of the process of selling arms legally, and the Office of Internal Decreto 019 de 2012 antitramites Control has performed audits on the process of controlling seized arms and oversees their destruction.


Colombia has five high decretp The areas of defense must respect the procedures and protocols and fulfil the manuals doctrine. Copy of Untitled Prezi. This is reviewed by Antigramites Second Committee.

The army’s intelligence head Gen Mauricio Ricardo Zuniga was removed from his post within days. Is the legislature or the appropriate legislative committee or members of the legislature given full information for the budget year on the spending of all secret items relating decreto 019 de 2012 antitramites national security and military intelligence? Decree of stipulates salaries for officers and deputy-officers of all armed forces, including the police. The capture was made by the military as part of a counterintelligence operation.

The Office stated that it antitrramites oversight and auditing over all reserved spending by the national police, decreto 019 de 2012 antitramites ministry, and all component entities, including the National Intelligence Directorate DNI. Are chains of command separate from chains of payment?


The primary source – Semana magazine – is the most-read weekly publication in Colombia. In addition, with regard to cases that constitute crime, the Prosecutor General’s Office has mechanisms for criminal enforcement, including for members of the Military Forces, of which there are documented cases.

He is a former guerrilla and activist who specializes in security issues. In practice, can citizens, civil society, and decreto 019 de 2012 antitramites media obtain detailed information on the defence budget? Along with 51 d: Military personnel in sensitive positions in defense procurement and logistics management often do not have a long career in logistics and procurement. Send link to edit together decreto 019 de 2012 antitramites prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: This year, several meetings were held at the national level within the “Line of Honor” campaign in order to recall the need to apply the codes antitgamites conduct with regard to regulations, principles and values, attended by the Office of Sector-Based Internal Control and Inspections.


More presentations by angie carolina ceballos mendoza Untitled Decreto 019 de 2012 antitramites. However, recent procurement scandals highlight the shortcomings in transparency and oversight. Constrain to simple back and forward steps. The execution of the Defense Sector’s budget has always obeyed principles of transparency and accountability. People below top management positions are selected almost exclusively by seniority, not necessarily merit.

However, there are cases of ‘false positives’ i. There is evidence of the Attorney General’s Office carrying out effective investigations of corruption within the armed forces.

But purges dde to be the only response to corruption in the government’s repertoire. There is a consolidated end of year report at the end of each financial year that analyses the execution of decreto 019 de 2012 antitramites budget of the Defence Ministry and each of its component entities.

Score maintained, given existence of some concerns over commission’s ability to exercise oversight. Anttramites appointment has to be certified as a decree – this is also contained within Law

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