This was the verse of scripture that St. John Paul II chose to begin his apostolic letter to the youth of the world, Dilecti amici (“Dear. Oct 2, – am.- “Always be prepared to make a the hope that is in you.” «Previous Page 1 of 1 Next». AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to . DILECTI AMICI JPII TO YOUTH. alt. APOSTOLIC LETTER DILECTI AMICI. OF POPE JOHN PAUL II. TO THE YOUTH OF THE WORLD. “Always be prepared to .

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In short, is it really true that society is expecting my contribution? Many times in my life it has been my task to accompany in a sense more closely this love of young people. My wish for you too is a similar “growth” through contact with God. The pope noted that St.

Attempts are being made to impose on environments and even entire societies a model that calls itself “progressive” and “modern”. Let the teaching of the Second Vatican Council be a particular testimony of this. You must also rethink-and very profoundly-the meaning of Baptism and Confirmation.

I shall not attempt to list them here even by way of example, since there is a danger of leaving out more than I could take into consideration. You cannot close your eyes to the threats that lie in wait for you during the period of youth. John Paul II wrote.

And in this dimension the first and principal wish that the Church expresses for you young people, through my lips, in this Year dedicated to Youth, is this: This dimension is also a dimension proper to Christian and human hope.

However, in the relationship between education and work, a relationship characteristic of society today, there emerge very serious problems of a practical nature. Growth “in stature” refers to an individual’s natural relationship with time: This can be called a great adventure, but it is also a great task. So your youth is not just your own property, your personal property or the property of a generation: But this process has to be accompanied by “growth” in wisdom and grace.

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Does not this yearning for brotherhood each one is neighbor to the other! Youth, then, is “growth”. In each separate case all of this has its own unrepeatable subjective expression, its affective richness, indeed its metaphysical beauty.

Recalling St John Paul II’s message to youth

We are praying rilecti the community of the Church, so that-against the background of the difficult times in which we live-you “may always be prepared to make a defence to anyone who calls you to account for the hope that is in you”.

Podcast smart and easy with the app that refuses to compromise. We are all looking to you, for all of us, thanks to you, in a certain sense continually become young again. They were written on tablets of stone 28 and for every Israelite were ddilecti daily indication of the path to be taken.

Recalling St John Paul II’s message to youth

When everything would make us doubt ourselves and the meaning of our life, then this look of Christ, the awareness of the love that in him has shown itself more powerful than any evil and destruction, this awareness enables us to survive. If at the same time their minds develop normally, the question about the meaning and value of life becomes for them all the more essential and also particularly tragic, for from the very beginning the question is marked by the pain of existence.

Allow me to conclude this part of my reflections by recalling the words with which the Gospel speaks about the youthful years of Jesus of Nazareth. It seems nevertheless that when faced by certain questions these many different communities of young people feel, think and react in a very similar way.


This is the question that people have long been asking themselves, not only in the sphere of Christianity but also outside it. Yes, this is the fundamental question facing your generation. Do not be afraid of the love that places clear demands on people. And in the midst of all this there is also the fact of dklecti men who have on their consciences so many innocent victims, amlci it has been instilled into them that only amci this way-through organized terrorism-can the world be made a better place.

Easy and intuitive to amoci. Christ answers as he answered the young people of the first generation of the Church through the words of the Apostle: There is no doubt that this expression refers to the material possessions of which the young man was owner or heir.

So all these youth coming from all these countries in the Middle East He looks with love upon every human being. The great challenge of the future For me it was very hard to understand how to be joyful – I didn’t have joy in my heart. So if you cherish a desire for brotherhood, this means that “the word of God abides in you”.

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