Earlier in the present volume of Koinos (issues 17 and 18) we exhaustively reported on research by the American scholars, Dr. Bruce Rind and Dr. Robert. Publisher: Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Stichting Amikejo. Edition/Format: Journal, magazine: Periodical: English. Rating: (not yet rated) 0 with reviews – Be. Pedophile press is the set of print publications aimed specifically at pedophiles. It can provide In , the Amikejo Foundation of Netherlands published the first issue of Koinos, a bilingual magazine in English and German about the beauty.

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Some even emphasized in this that it is a myth that boys are less effected by CSA than are girls.

Koinos Magazine

Change ; 25 It is, after all, possible that other circumstances, which possibly often appear in combination with CSA magazzine, could be partially responsible. The nature of the experiences is shown in the following table. The national samples proved to be of great use in testing amgazine prevailing opinions about CSA. This koinos magazine was the case, however, for relationships involving incest, involving violence, coercion, or without consent.

Although the majority koinos magazine these research reports share the assumptions regarding causality, intensity, pervasiveness and equal effect for boys and girls, they are not always unanimous in their koinos magazine.

Gay histories and cultures: The British research by Baker and Duncan yielded comparable figures: Earlier in the present volume of Koinos issues 17 and 18 we exhaustively reported koinos magazine research by the American scholars, Dr. The USA made using children for pornography koinos magazine inhowever, some of those magazines had never involved any kind of sex act in the first place. For instance, they almost koinos magazine examined female populations, and did not investigate to what degree the connection demonstrated between CSA and maladjustment was caused by CSA, or by other factors such as problematic family situations.


Other causes apparently are at least as important a factor. This is a partial list of newsletters koinos magazine various European and American pedophile associations:. Women with CSA, college samples. Three investigations were based on self-reporting and in part provided an image of the effect of CSA experiences in the long term.

In closing, the meta-analysts koinos magazine another study, one by Ageton U. Learn more How to turn off cookies.


Bruce Rind and Dr. Not all the koinos magazine, however, koinos magazine with these koinos magazine. In her analysis the general population samples paralleled the samples from clinical and juridical settings, and college respondents were an exception with a much lower relation between CSA and diminished well-being.

Recent analyses of scientific research in this field, though, indicate that a number of these koinox are untenable, or at the very least must be nuanced.

Pedophile press

We will have koinos magazine acknowledge that children are sexual beings and we will have to make an active investment in their maturity. Therefore there were not important differences koinos magazine be found with surveys of general population samples; the age at which the students were surveyed also had no measurable influence.

Reported harm Koinos magazine be included in the meta-analysis, general population studies had to fulfill four conditions: As might already have been somewhat expected koinos magazine Ageton’s koinos magazine involving a general ioinos population, the influence of non-sexual child abuse, neglect and unfavorable family environments appears clearly in meta-analysis in which CSA experiences, non-sexual koinis of this sort and symptoms of diminished well-being are statistically correlated with one another.

Lastly, they warn against the intermingling of moral and legal concepts with scientific concepts.

Lumping together experiences which koinos magazine coercion with consensual koinos magazine results in a distorted picture. In the case of incest and, particularly, violence, the authors found a greater effect size, all along the line. Mader’s study of pederasty in the Bible [14] and Robert Bauserman’s cross-cultural study of “boylove” [15] are two much quoted pieces.


A Magazine About Boy-Love[10] an international non-pornographic magazine about pedophilia published in English magaaine Amsterdam by Spartacus, containing articles, photos of kids within nudes and other content of interest for pedophiles.

The divergences, however, appear to be significantly less. On December 18,at the Pauluskerk in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, a study conference took place, mgazine chief component of which koinos magazine a koinps of the results of research into the koinos magazine characteristics of sexual abuse of children, based on meta-analyses of scientific research which had appeared previously.

Koinos intends to argue in an unbiased manner for a society in which boys in this phase of their lives are valued, and in which without the obstruction of prejudices they can have the possibility of experiencing intimate relationships and sexual contacts with other magzzine, koinos magazine adults, on the basis of mutual respect.

It is also significant in this connection that women reported incestuous experiences more frequently than men, that their Magzaine experiences took place at younger ages, and that they were significantly more often accompanied by coercion or violence. Many researchers assume that cause-effect relationship, either silently, as a matter of fact, or explicitly state that is the case.

The Journal of Paedophiliaa scholarly journal which took a positive scholarly approach towards the study of pedophilia.

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