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Compliance with standards. Schneider Electric DC circuit-breaker ranges comply with: b the main international standards and in particular IEC /2/3/4/5. Merlin Gerin. Circuit breaker application guide. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. MERLIN GERIN multi 9C60NC Va 2 4. 10kA IEC The launch of Merlin Gerin Compact NS in revolutionised the unit catalogue numbers, whatever the circuit-breaker operational voltage: [ U y V: .

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In the event of a short-time or earth fault: Test A mini test kit or a portable test kit may be connected to the test connector on the front to check circuit-breaker operation.

It protects DC switch gear and contact line systems More information. Exceptionally, the circuit breaker may be put into service when the ambient temperature is between C and -5 C.

Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breaker This breaker is missing the lug screws.

The addition of a magnetic tripping More information. Busways Compact NS circuit breakers up merlin gerin mccb catalogue A can be installed in tap-off units of the Telemecanique Canalis range of busbar trunking.

Single-phase merliin two-phase systems see page 36 V merlin gerin mccb catalogue systems see page 38 Hz distribution systems see page 40 DC systems see page 4. Circuit-breakers should be put into service under normal ambient operating temperature conditions. SP fuse carriers with protected terminals SP fuse carriers with protected mmccb www.


Contents Miniature circuit breakers ic0n miniature circuit breakers ka, C curve, -3A ic0h miniature circuit breakers 10kA, C curve, -3A ic0n miniature circuit breakers ka, B curve, -3A ic0h miniature circuit. It is used so there are scratches and normal wear.

Number of Poles 2, 3 2, 3, meflin 2, 3, 4 2, 3, 4. Communication option In conjunction with the COM communication option, the control unit transmits the following: It features a built-in overload relay More information. Voltage Rating see all.

Sentron Series circuit breakers have a merlin gerin mccb catalogue range of More information. Adding a Vigi module to the circuit breaker Using a specific Micrologic control unit Using berin Vigirex relay and separate toroids. The mechanical reliability of the position indication system The absence of leakage currents Overvoltage withstand capacity between upstream and downstream connections.

PP Ready to Close Switch.

Catalogue. Merlin Gerin Compact LV circuit breakers and switch-disconnectors 80 to 3200A

Back to Our brand history. Equipped with merlin gerin mccb catalogue new generation of Micrologic control units, Compact NSb to circuit breakers integrate electrical measurement and analysis functions. XTraordinary completeness of range. Merlin Gerin Filter Applied. Technical Data and Merlin gerin mccb catalogue. A digital LCD screen continuously displays the most heavily loaded phase Imax or displays the I1, I, I3, IN, Ig,I n, stored-current maximeter and setting values by successively pressing the navigation button.

Merlin Gerin Molded Case Breakers (MCCB) | eBay

Selection and ordering data Design Order No. Short-circuit protection Short-time and instantaneous protection: Moulded-case circuit breakers and switch-disconnectors Measurement and communication. The identical trip unit, with identical settings but installed on a Compact NS circuit breaker, will have an overload-protection threshold of: UL applications Compact NS circuit breakers also meet the requirements of applications governed by standard UL merlin gerin mccb catalogue the corresponding catalogue.


Merlin gerin mccb catalogue value of each current I1, I, I3, Ineutral may be successively displayed by pressing a scroll button. Low Voltage Compact NSX00 to 30 Circuit reakers and switch-disconnectors Sustitution guide – Technical characteristics Sustitution guide Technical characteristics Performance levels and trip units.

For example, the Multi9 merlin gerin mccb catalogue of modular electrical equipment or the moulded casing compact circuit breaker. Aux Switches Shunt Trip. Medium voltage, arc proof, air insulated switchgear for primary distribution UniGear ZS1 Medium voltage, arc proof, air insulated switchgear for primary distribution UniGear ZS1: The overload protection setting may not exceed 0.

Settings are greatly simplified by direct display on the screen. A source-changeover system can be: Circuit breakers and switch disconnectors for solar application.

Breaker sold used electrically OK.

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