2 Mar The Board encourages mainstream cultivation of Safed musli by farmers by extending a subsidy of 20% through National Horticultural Board on. As Musli grows naturally in most parts of India, as per practical experience it can grow successfully in the wide range of temperature and rainfall. Sandy loam soil . Get information related to all your farming needs such as climatic conditions, seed prices, The botanical name of Safed musli is Chlorophytum borivilianum.

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Treatment with Humicil 5ml in 1 litre of water or Dithane M 5gm per litre is done to protect crop from soil borne diseases. Harvesting is done in the month of September or October. Total output 1, kg peeled, dry roots Rs.

Safed musli cultivation agree to the Terms.

Safed Musli Cultivation Information Guide | Agri Farming

During digging of plants, fleshy root bunches should be lifted form the soil. For breaking of clods and better pulverization of soil go for tillers.

Pest and their control: If soil is of clay nature and requires soil conditioning than use soil conditioner mycemeel Hindustan Antibiotics, Pune of 1. Package of Practices for Cultivation of Guggal Commiphora wightii. Flowers are star shaped, 2cm across and yellow or green in color.

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If safed musli cultivation deficiency is seen in growth of plant then immediate required spray should be given.

Safed Musli – The Golden root Mulching Information Detailed Guide. The sowing of Safed Musli starts with the first shower of the monsoon.

How to grow Safed Musli (Chlorophytum Borivilianum) – Krishisewa

The seedlings safed musli cultivation be transplanted in the field during the next Kharif season at 30×15 cm spacing because the development of plants as well as roots by means of seeds in the first year is not vigorous enough as compared the vegetatively propagated plants.

The Medicinal Plants Board safed musli cultivation recognized Safed musli as 6th important herb to be protected and promoted. Avoid cultivation in water lock conditions. The soil having pH ranging from 6. Depending upon climate and soil irrigations may vary.


Then peeling is done and then they are packed in air tight bags for transportation and for less spoilage. Malabar Spinach Farming Information Guide.

You will receive a link to create a new password. It safed musli cultivation a tedious job involving manual labour and substantial expenditure.

They are found to give good yield and high saponin content. The seeds are black in colour and with angular edges. After chemical treatment, use seeds for sowing.

Musli requires bone meal as well to full fill the requirement of phosphorus and the necessary micro-nutrients. On maturity the leaves start yellowing and ultimately dry up from the collar part and safed musli cultivation down.


After harvesting, cutlivation of tubers is done.

Harvesting is done when leaves start yellowing and then gets dried. The number of farmers interested in musli growing is increasing safeed rapidly but due to lack of safed musli cultivation knowledge about cultivation, safed musli cultivation harvesting and post harvest processing, the middlemen are cheating the farmers. Land Preparation in Safed Musli Cultivation: About 80, fingers weighing 1. The sprouted fleshy propagules should be planted in the field in first or second week of Msuli, followed by irrigation.

Later, when soil moisture recedes in the field, irrigation is required after 10 to 15 days intervals.

Safed Musli Agrotechnology

This plant has excellent ayurvedic properties. Your login details have been sent to your registered email address. It is reported cultiavtion the annual demand for dried safed musli roots is tones in India.

It could be propagated through seeds as well as by vegetative means root-stock bearing buds or growing points. Introduction of Safed musli cultivation Musli Cultivation: The peeled dry musli is packed and marketed.

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